Lucky Beer

We had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of the gentlemen who runs this brewery the other day in NYC. He and his father started this brewing company in their native Australia with the idea of branding a distinctive Asian-stlye lager that is easy enough on the palate to please those who like to have more (sometimes much more) than just one beer.  While they started brewing this beer in Oz, they now are in the process of moving the brewing operations to China.

I also believe they are in the process of changing the name to Lucky Buddha because of copyright infringment issues with an old beer out of LaBatts that was sold here in the States as Lucky Ale or Lucky Beer.  Something like that.  The bottle I drank has the word “Buddha” written on the bottle cap in lieu of “beer”.

It definitely appeals to me more as a drinkable lager than most Asian beers.  Almost closer to a pilsner our of Eastern Europe, but with a nice non-bitter aftertaste.  Not surprising since they use Czech Saaz hops along with rice flakes and malt in the brewing process.  This is a premium brew, so it’s not cheap.  But it’s well worth the hunt to find it if you can in your area.  I know that they are actively marketing in the US now after a long time when it was only available in Australia.  Now they have gone world-wide.

Of course, I have to mention the bottle.  The lucky Buddha himself.  Its a wonderful tactile experience to hold the lucky Buddha in your hands.  He is a joy to behold…and hold.  I’m sure it is going to look great behind the bars of many moderate to upscale bars and restaurants.  It sure made me happy.

My rating: 9 out of 10