Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

Had an ice-cold Pumpkin Ale from Smuttynose Brewing Co. out of New Hampshire last night.  I don’t recall if I’ve had it in past years so the only thing I can compare it to is the other pumpkins I’ve tried thus far here in 2008.  And I’m a big fan of the pumpkins, so I’ve had a few.

I liked this one a lot.  It started with a stronger pumpkin aroma mixed with some spices than some of the other varieties I’ve started with.  It was also a bit sweeter.  I saw one reviewer over on Beer Advocate call it “pumpkin candy”, and that isn’t far off.  The sweetness was offset a bit by a blast of hops there at the finish.  The result was a very drinkable beer that I could easily see having more than one of over the course of the evening.

While it would probably go well with any number of Autumn dishes (or even a bag of chips), it seems to me like this is an ale better suited to drinking on its own.  Very nice.

My Rating: 7 out of 10.


3 Responses

  1. I need to get my paws on one of these Pumpkin Brews you keep raving about.

    Like, soon.

  2. Dawg – I’ll find out where they have ’em on tap in your neighborhood and let you know. Always better on tap.

  3. If I would have just scrolled down a bit further, I would have seen this suggestion. LOL!
    I’ll have Joe look for this one, since it comes highly recommended. Thanks!

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