The River – NYC

Went to a nice bar and met an interesting character in NYC on Thursday.

The place was called The River (or Hell’s Kitchen River…not sure) over on 10th Ave. by 43rd Street, and the character I am referring to is the new manager of the joint.  He desperately wants to change the atmosphere of the bar into a place that locals and tourists alike will go to for either a great beer, great whiskey/whisky or glass of wine.  Maybe a little food too.  The nearest  bars are either sports bars or the kind of neighborhood pub that is difficult to distinguish yourself from.  And there aren’t any great beer bars in the area, so it seems to be a good fit.

So we talked beer for about two hours with him, and if he only makes half of the changes that he wants to then it might become a destination bar for me and other beer enthusiasts in the NYC area.  I would post a website, but they are in the midst of creating one.  What I will do is post any updates here as they try to morph into a craft beer bar.

With this guy in charge, I don’t foresee any problems with that.

Afterwards, we stopped into another neighborhood bar in that area called Conker Hill.  Decent selection of taps, but nothing extraordinary.  The crew, especially the bartender Jeff, is extraordinary.  Super nice and a great bar crowd.  I recommend it if you are looking for a fun night out in Hell’s Kitchen.


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